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Beginning Chess Lessons - 

"Jennifer has been teaching me to play chess. I had never played before, but after watching the Queen's Gambit, I became interested in what the game was about.  I now look forward to our lessons each week. Jennifer is patient and encouraging.  She goes at a pace that I can follow. 


The thing I especially like is that she tailors her lessons for me and even sends me a lesson review and optional homework for the week. She breaks the game down into easy to understand chunks and uses visuals and mnemonics that not only make it easier to remember the rules, but makes learning the game fun.  Her lessons are well thought out and she always comes prepared and ready to teach. 


I would recommend Jennifer if you want to learn the game.  Her enthusiasm for the game and her approach to teaching make her a stand out in my mind."

- Hilary F.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning to play chess.  In person "over the the board"  lessons.  Both One on One and group lessons. 

Flexible pricing and schedule available.



After Covid, FREEDOM WINE COMPANY wine tasting add on option available.

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