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I got my start in chess quite by accident.  My son Evan learned to play chess when he was in Kindergarten.  He had a natural aptitude for it.  In trying to foster his love of the game, I searched high and low for opportunities for him to play in our area.  I was able to meet a few people involved in chess, but I became determined to make chess more accessible for my son and other kids.  I started a local newsletter which I coined "OFF da ROOK".  It included some fun chess puzzles and a few articles and other chess related resources. You can read all of my newsletters by clicking HERE.

When I met Chess Grandmaster Timur Gareyev at a tournament my son was playing in and he agreed to an interview, my life changed.  What had started as a tool to help my son play chess turned into a full time career for me.  I started a chess club at my son's school and eventually started teaching chess around town.  I teamed up with a local chess coach and we started running scholastic OFF da ROOK tournaments.  We are now closing in our 18th tournament.   

My work with chess expanded to include managing Chess Grandmaster Timur Gareyev, building the BLINDFOLD KING brand and coordinating world wide events for him.  I organized his GUINNESS WORLD RECORD event for Blindfold Chess.  More on this event can be found HERE and coordinated a skydive chess award winning cover for Chess Life Magazine.  


I started being asked to write for several chess journals including Chess Life, Chess Life Kids, Chessbase and New In Chess Magazine.  I have a background in Public Relations and continue to work with GM Timur Gareyev promoting his Blindfold Chess endeavors.   

I am a former Delegate of the SCCF (Southern California Chess Federation).  I also sit on boards for the Karpov Chess School and the Chess Journalists of America. 

Since starting high school, my son no longer plays chess competitively.  I am sure he will return back to it one day.  You can read about my Challenges of Chess Parenting HERE.


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