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Jen Vallens US Chess FAces Across the Board

Over the years I have changed careers many times.  From Human Resources Event Planner to Chess Teacher to Yoga Instructor.  The variety of these experiences have made me a better writer and human.

Please click on the photos below to read some of my published works and other miscellaneous projects.  


The Challenges of Chess Parenting

Wrote the cover article on my experience as a chess parent and organizer. 

Article won BEST FEATURE in a Chess publication 2019 CJA Awards

My Chess Life Kids article on preparing

Tournament 101: A Practical Guide to Tournaments

Article appeared in Chess Life 4 Kids as a guide for players and parents


Timur Flies High

Developed concept and oversaw the photoshoot of cover.  Click on image to read my behind the scenes article. 

Cover won BEST COVER 2019 CJA Awards.



Designed a game combining elements of Poker in Chess and came in 2nd place in PokerStars contest.

Women empowering women! #uschess #womenr

That's What Queen d1 said"

My interview with WGM Jennifer Shahade "That's what Queen d1 Said"

Won BEST CHESS INTERVIEW in a print 2019 CJA Awards


The Challenges of Chess Parenting interview

Listen to my interview with Dan Lucas, Director of Publications for US Chess as we discuss my challenges as a chess parent.

ChessLife "Oh, My Aching Brain!"

Oh, My Aching Brain!

Co-wrote cover article with Jay Stallings covering Blindfold Chess World Record Event I organized. Jay Stallings was the commentator for our live stream yielding 25,000 views.


Better Sleeper, Better Player

Article appears in New in Chess magazine explaining how sleep affects chess performa


25 Questions for Maria Yugina

My interview with Maria Yugina appears in

American Chess Magazine.


Tandem Blindfold Chess Report

First published article for ChessBase reporting on Tandem Blindfold Chess.


The New Blindfold King

Read all about the Blindfold Chess GUINNESS WORLD RECORD EVENT

article I co-wrote with GM Timur Gareyev taken from Timur's point of view.  


Learn to Play Blindfold Chess

Wrote cover article on how to play Blindfold Chess.  Fun play off of Blindfold Chess event cover.

Just got my NEW IN CHESS magazine with m

Is Blitz a drug?

Article appears in New in Chess Magazine taking a look at the addictive qualities of Blitz chess play.


Blindfold Chess Guinness World Record Event 

Organized all facets of Blindfold Chess GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. 

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