My husband and I have a wine company.  My husband is the winemaker.  To find out about events or how to purchase our wine, please visit our website.  www.drinkfreedomwine.com or email us at: drinkfreedomwine@gmail.com

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I managed chess grandmaster Timur Gareyev for several years.  This site was created as an electronic presskit in promotion of his Guinness World Record attempt which was successfully achieved December 4, 2016.


During the pandemic, I looked for creative business opportunities and came up with the idea and created the website..www.findyogaonline.com.  The website would allow yoga teachers promote themselves and publish their classes through an online form.  Yoga practitioners could search and find classes and teachers to try online.  


Due to the technology and maintenance required, I let this project go.  However, I still own the domain and would be happy to re-open this project with the right partner.  Contact me if interested.

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I fell in love with Maria Yugina's artwork and began working with her to promote her in the United States.  I have procured two art shows and have created poster art.  Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing orignal or prints of her work.  Custom puzzle art, postcards or other merchandise available on request.

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In promotion of chess grandmaster Timur Gareyev's Guinness World Record event I organized, I helped build the brand "blindfoldking".  Concept, design and merchandise was created by me including commissioning artwork for t-shirts and developing other promo giveaways and procuring partnership of mindfolds.  

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I created a poker inspired chess game and entered it in a Poker Stars contest.  My game took home 2nd place.